Zillions Dress

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Type: dress

Maxi wrap dress with zillions!!!  I mean zillions of drawings of profiles with stripes that I drew with a micron during lockdown & finally now it is a real dress you can wear!  Long and swishy with art nouveau and op art flavors, comfy and breezy.  A wrap dress is the best type of dress because you can readjust the fit after eating a big meal!!!  I think this is actually an elegant garment, not as unhinged as some of my other designs.  That's fun, to act sane sometimes.  

FABRIC: 100% poly but it’s a nice poly :<


XS - bust up to 34" waist up to 31" length 56"

S - bust up to 36" waist up to 34" length 56"

M - bust up to 38" waist up to 36" length 57"

L - bust up to 40" waist up to 38" length 57"

XL - bust up to 42" waist up to 40" length 58"

2XL - bust up to 42" waist up to 44" length 35"

3XL - bust up to 44" waist up to 46" length 35"