Crayon Rainbow Dress

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FINALLY - to have all the crayons you need!!! The rainbow crayon dress is LONG & tiered & stretchy and comfy & you can eat a lot & the elastic waistband is super chill & you can spill whatever you want on yourself & lay on the couch & sit with your legs wide open, and it’s all groovy & you can live your life as a total slob & still look glamorous!!! I wear mine with pink crocs because I’m a troll. OK STRAPS. So you can wear it “off shoulder” style…. OR NOT! The little straps can kinda get tucked inside & then it’s more like a peasant blouse. If you hate the off-shoulder trend, you can even cut them off, CAREFULLY of course but tbh you can totally do it. I trust you!

FABRIC: 100% light swishy & breathable poly


XS - bust 36” waist stretches from 26” to 36”

S - bust 38” waist stretches from 28” to 38”

M - b ust 40” waist stretches from 30” to 40”

L - bust 42” waist stretches from 32” to 42”

XL - bust 44” waist stretches from 34” to 44”

2XL - bust 46” waist stretches from 36” to 46”

3XL - bust 48” waist stretches from 38” to 48”