Cowpoke Polo Shirt

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This is a truly inadvisable & chaotic shirt. Where do I even start? The fabric is that accursed sweaty poly from the 70s. It has swears & clouds shaped like phalluses on it. Also it has unicorns on it & baby angels. Also the face in the middle changes expressions based on the crinkles. Also it says “magic shirt” on the back. On the bottom it has an affirmation about “unlimited abundance” - I like each garment to have some type of magical intention planted in the design. Oh & some of the collar tips are symmetrical and SOME ARE NOT? When I finished drawing this, my brain went “yep!” - and i didn’t ask anyone for input or advice. I like that it exists! I feel the need to create chaotic & unmediated things that I don’t completely understand. & there’s something really wild about applying those instincts to something that’s also utilitarian, like a shirt. This shirt is a good example of the experimental impetus behind Beautiful Genius. But will you wear it?  Edit: the 3XL is discounted bc the swears got cut off on the bottom ☹️☹️☹️

FABRIC: 100% sweaty poly from the 70s 


XS: bust 32” waist 30”

S: bust 33” waist 31”

M: bust 36” waist 34”

L: bust 38” waist 36”

XL: bust 40” waist 38”

2XL: bust 42” waist 40”

3XL: bust 44” waist 42”