Magic Sword Butterfly Top

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A gorgeous unisex top for your adventure story!  Epic yet casual & wearable top featuring a poppy red and grayish blue palette with a fantasy motif with stars, an all-seeing psychic butterfly, a magic sword for the chosen one (that’s u babe) roses growing on the sword, and a dragon's claw vine and poppy flower border.  Looks awesome on you! 

Stretchy, breathable, and soft 90% cotton 10% spandex blend feels good on the body! 

FABRIC: 90% cotton 10% spandex


XS: chest 31" length 25"

S: chest 35" length 26"

M: chest 38" length 27"

L: chest 40" length 28"

XL: chest 42" length 29"

2X: chest 44" length 31"

3X: chest 49" length 32"

4X: chest 55" length 32"

5X: chest 60" length 33"